Why You Should Be Cooking With A Convection Countertop Oven

If you love to eat and really like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, then getting an oven with a convection cooking feature is probably the best way to go. Now instead of replacing your full sized range with an oven with this cook setting, you can just get a toaster oven with convection capabilities. Not only will this save you money, but toaster ovens have their own advantages as well. Being easy to use, simple to clean, convenient, and using less energy are just some of the benefits that having a countertop oven can give you.

What Is Convection?

Before we get to the the best toaster ovens with this feature, it is important to understand what it is and the advantages that it offers. Convection ovens have a fan inside of them that circulates the hot air and cooks food evenly and at faster speeds. This alone is worth the money, but there are some other pleasant benefits and some tips that you can use to reap the full rewards of this technology.

Top 3 Convection Ovens

We have some experience with one of the ovens on our list, and of course we have that rated on top. But we also consulted with some of the expert sites that do toaster oven ratings. We found the GourmetWorrier best toaster oven list and parsed through the different convection ovens that owners rank the highest. Here is what we found:

Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL

Breville makes a great line of toaster ovens, but not all of them make use of the convection cooking technology. The BOV800XL is the perfect size to cook whole chickens and larger family meals. We have used this oven in our own kitchen and have cooked up some of the best tasting dishes over the years. A lot of our friends are often surprised that their meal was prepared in a toaster oven since they often get a bad wrap. But that is based on old technology, and in fact, today’s countertop ovens are more than capable of making some mouth watering recipes that used to be reserved for our full sized oven. Now we store our pots and pans in there and just use our Breville for everything.

The BOV800XL has a slick looking digital display that looks like something the Jetson’s would use. It has automatic temperature adjustment which saves on a lot of the guesswork. Its heating elements are made of quartz which drastically reduces the amount of time needed to preheat the oven. We also love the design of this toaster oven as it fits in nicely with the rest of our stainless steel kitchen appliances. The only thing missing from this machine is a light on the inside. We love it and we are sure you will too.

Kitchenaid KCO273SS

This is a very non-descript model number for what appears to be a very robust and versatile toaster oven. It brags very fast start times and it brings the temperature up quickly. It also has 9 presets for just about every type of dish you intend to cook. It can roast, broil, bake, and toast with the best of them. Its convection cooking capability also gets high praise from owners. From the pictures, it is also another modern toaster oven that would look fantastic in any kitchen. It is a little less expensive than the Breville and can go for between $200 and $240. After reading up on this particular oven, if we did not already own the BOV800XL, this is one we would definitely be considering.

Cuisinart TOB-195

We have a couple of Cuisinart appliances in our kitchen (food processor and bread machine) and have found that they make some really dependable machines. We have no hesitation about recommending a Cuisinart toaster oven for this reason. The TOB-195 is also a convection countertop oven that has gotten some very nice customer reviews. What we like about this unit as well is where the controls are placed. They are up front and we can see how this would help save some space in the design of the oven. While it is not as futuristic in its styling as the other two ovens above, the stainless steel is a nice look.

Convection Advantages

Faster cooking times, energy savings, and more evenly cooked food is what cooking with convection can offer you in the kitchen. The downside to this is that now many of the recipes that you currently use may need to have their times adjusted. Going through this learning curve, however, is fully worth it as you will end up spending less time in the kitchen preparing your food and more time with the family enjoying it. Hopefully some of you will find our list helpful and pick yourself up one these ovens for your own home. It really has changed the way that our family spends time in the kitchen….for the better.