Keeping Your Family Safe With The Right Car Seat

best convertible safety seat of 2016

Keeping your family healthy and safe extends outside of the home and into the car. We all know how scary the roads can be at times and for new parents traveling with a small child can be rather daunting at first. This is one reason why it is so important to find a capable car seat that is both comfy for your little one, but also offers maximum protection in the event of a crash. Convertible car seats are a great place to start as they are the most prevalent kind of seat that makes the most sense. One model that we are particularly fond of and have great experience with is the Britax G4 Marathon. Our child loves it which is why we always recommend it to our friends.

Not only is this Britax child seat extremely safe, but it has very plush materials as well as being easy to care for. If you are going to be using the same seat for a number of years, you better hope that it is able to stand up to routine wear and tear that a child can dish out. Over the last couple of years we have been nothing short of satisfied with how well it has held up. We did a ton of diligent research before deciding on this model and found that it ranks very highly with parents in the latest convertible car seat ratings. If you are in the market for a high quality convertible child safety seat, then the G4 Marathon should be on your short list.

Features of the Britax Marathon

There are a lot of reasons why this safety seat is so highly recommended. Some of these include:

Rear Facing

It is appropriate for babies weighing between 5 and 40lbs. As a result, it is ideal for children up to the age of 2 years or have reached the maximum weight or height that the seat can sustain. When using the seat, make sure that that the straps are position at the closest position below or at your baby’s shoulders and ensure that your child’s shoulders ought to be at least 1” below the top of the head pad.

It is advisable to use infant pillow in this kind of mode, especially when the baby weighs 10 kg or less. The good news is that it has 3 recline adjustment positions to provide the baby with extraordinary comfort. When using rear facing mode , you may get rid of impact absorbing chest pads to ensure that the baby is at ease .

Forward Facing

Marathon G4.1 is ideal for babies from 9.1 to 29.4 kg in forward facing mode or the highest height of 17.5”. In this mode, you are not required to use infant positioning pillow. Make sure that the harness straps are positioned at the closest place above or at the shoulders of your baby. To determine whether the baby has reached the top harness slot, use the seated shoulder height label found on your child’s seat. Moreover, fix the impact absorbing tether to the anchorage LATCH point, but if it is short, you can use extenders instead.


The car seat weighs 19.5 lbs and measures 26” tall, 18.5” wide, and 21” in depth, front-to-back. The width is similar to that of Marathon ClickTight counterpart. Therefore, it is simple and easy to install. If you have no idea on how to install this type of seat, you can have a look at the “complete 3 cross car seat installation guide ” for more information regarding safe seats compatible with your vehicle.


At some point, the seat will get dirty and will require cleaning. The seat has four components, including shell. Cover, harness and harness buckle. Shell can be cleaned with a sponge dipped in warm water containing mild soap. After cleaning it, you can towel dry. The Britax Marathon cover is advisable to hand wash in cold water with a mild soap, and lay it flat to make sure that it does not shrink while drying. Harness and harness buckle can be cleaned with warm soapy water and towel dried. Do not soak or bleach them, just use ordinary home detergents for the best results.

Harness and Safety

Since Marathon G4.1 offers a wide range of positions, you can choose the position that suits your baby depending on height and weight. Note that when using the rear facing, ensure that the straps are below or at the shoulders of your toddler, while in the case of front facing, the straps should be at or above the shoulders.
For more comfort, the seat comes with a number of padded areas in the seat, including the cover, buckle pad and shoulder pads. Other components that enhance safety and comfort include shell and the harness that absorb shock in case of a collision.


  • Forward facing and rear facing tether
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Come with built-in locks for seat belt installations
  • Infant friendly

One of the major advantages of convertible car seats in general is that they take most of the guess work out of buying multiple seats as your child grows. Knowing when to switch seats based on your child’s size is the key factor.


  • It is made of bulky materials that make it difficult to wash considering the fact that the product is designed purposely for infants, who are typically messy.
  • Can be a bit pricey.

While we pray every night for protection for our family, we must also take prudent steps to do so as well. The road is a scary place and trying to find the right car seat to ensure the safety of our kids can cause a lot of anxiety. However, the Marathon convertible car seat can ease some of your worry knowing that your child is riding in something that exceeds most safety standards and has very high scores from owners from around the world.